Illustration Helen Mac Mahon       


EU Anti-Trafficking Day

Every year, since 2007, October 18th has been designated EU Anti-Trafficking Day.  One might have hoped on this, the 10th Anti-Trafficking Day, that we would not be facing the reality that, rather than decreasing, human trafficking is actually on the increase.   Of particular concern is the trafficking of women and girls for exploitation in the sex trade. 

This is the fastest growing crime internationally.  It may surprise you, but even far-flung towns and villages in Ireland are not exempt from the forced prostitution of vulnerable women and children.  Act to Prevent Trafficking (APT), a faith-based organisation, working with more than seventy groups in the Turn off the Red Light campaign, is calling on the Government to enact the 2015 Bill to criminalise demand for sexual services – as has already been done in Northern Ireland.